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Fun at the Harbour:

I was out at a boat harbour with a couple of friends, it’s quite a tourist destination, we were wandering around the shops and discovered a candy shop, it was fascinating, filled with every type of candy you can imagine. I noticed a Hubba Bubba smelling candle and thought, oh wow ill have to buy one of those for my sister. As I walked up to the till, there were 3 young girls and an English looking lady in her fifties. I surmised that perhaps the little girls parents owned the candy store and the lady was their employee. So as I stood at the counter to purchase the candle, I engaged the girls with, “Wow, it must be so fantastic to have a shop like this one? ” The girls responded, “No this isn’t our shop”. Then the older English lady chimed in, “No, they are helping me, I am teaching them how to use the cash register”. I then waited while I watched the girls having trouble inputting my item into the cash register.  Starting up some conversation with them I enquired, “So which country do you come from?” directing the question to one of the girls. “I come from …… and so does my sister”, she said pointing at her. “Oh how wonderful,” I replied. “And how about you?” I asked the next girl, she just looked at me, her eyes wide and didn’t respond I could see that she was ashamed of where she came from. I then said in a lightheartedly manner with a big smile on my face, “Well, I’m so glad that you are here because, before you came our food was very boring in Australia, but now with all of the beautiful food that you have brought into our county it’s all very yummy and interesting.” She giggled, then offered, “My family come from …….. and then we were in ….. and now we are here”. I smiled, accepting her and said, “Well that’s just wonderful, I have been over to that side of the world I have been to Israel, that is near where you lived, I really loved the hommus there it was so yummy.” She giggled and said, “Yes Israel is very close to where I lived. At this stage my candle had been paid for and there was no reason to stay, so I said, “good bye girls”. They smiled and said, “Good bye”.

My two friends and I headed off out the door, to enjoy more discovery and wandering around, we found that they had an outdoor market open and so we had a good look around and then we wandered near the restaurants and I noticed some newly established swinging chairs and I thought gee what a great idea, to sit and look out over the harbour. Then the 3 girls from the candy shop called out to me, they were swinging on one of the chairs, “Hello, do you remember us?”. “Hello”, I called out, “Yes of course I remember you”. I responded with a big smile, and we continued on our journey looking for something to eat for dinner, but we found mainly very nice restaurants and we were looking for something more casual for dinner. But as I was walking I made up in my mind that I would chat to those girls if I had the opportunity, I think it was more of an inner dialogue with God come to think of it. As we walked back past the girls I could see that the little one of the group had a bag full of lollies, so approaching them I said, “So you have finished work in the lolly shop have you, and it looks like you were paid in lollies?” The little girl with the bag of lollies said, “She gave me some lollies”. I then said, “I’m sure that you will share them with the girls as you all worked in the shop?” The older sister said, “No she won’t.” As I stood there Jesus spoke in my heart, I felt ever so quietly that the eldest looking girl played piano, so I said, “You play piano don’t you and you sing”. She just casually answered and she said, “Yes, I do” and another girl added, “she plays really well”. As if it suddenly occurred to her, she said with the greatest look of surprise on her face, “how did you know that I play piano?” I looked at her, with a bit of mischief in my voice and a big smile, “Mmm wouldn’t you like to know”. She said with the biggest grin, entering into the innocent banter, “Oh come on tell us”. I continued, “Oh wouldn’t you like to know, or maybe you wouldn’t,” with a little giggle. She was insistant, so I said, “Well, it’s someone who is very special, who knows everything about you”.  Then I looked to the Holy Spirit in my heart, I figured if he had something for one girl, he would have words for the other girls and immediately he gave me insight, so I shared it with the littlest girl holding her bag of ribbon coloured lolly straps, “I can see you being a very good creative writer and being very good with words.” When I said that, from the responses of the other two girls I knew that I was hearing from the Lord Jesus. Then the girls burst out, with great joy and laughter, tell us, tell us, how do you know these things about us? Then I continued to draw out the fun and I looked at my two friends and said, “Oh, do you think that we should tell them? What do you reckon?” And the girls played along with it, they continued so I gave them another hint, “Well he loves you very, very much, that’s all I’m going to say,” I joked. Then the oldest girl with a huge grin said, “Tell me, go on”. “I need to share with your other friend first,” I informed her, so I looked up in faith to heaven and straight away, Jesus gave me what I asked for. I was about to share it, and then she said, “I like to draw”. And I said with a smile, “Oh you’re not supposed to tell me, I see you being really good at painting”. I could see she was so excited about this, “I have painted before,” she replied nearly bursting with excitement she was jiggling up and down on the swing. Then the other girls said, “She is really good at copying a picture.” And as she said that I felt inspired by the Holy Spirit, and so I continued, “I see you creating original art not just copies of other people’s art, and I see you being really good”. I could see that these words were touching her heart. Then all of the girls started begging that we tell them who was giving me the knowledge about their lives, so I looked to my friends and said, “Do you think we should tell them?” I drew it out a bit further and then when I was about to tell them, the Holy Spirit impressed it on me that we say the name of ‘Jesus’ all together. I turned to my friends and said, “We are going to say it all together at once”. One of my friends asked me, “What are we going to say?” I replied, “it starts with J,” giving her the big hint, immediately she was on the same page. Then I counted one, two, three and we said, not in unison mind you but we all said His name, “Jesus”. I could see they just seemed to accept Him, except for one of the girls I saw a moment of apprehension in her eyes. Then I shared with them, “Jesus loves you girls so much, that he wanted to let you know that he knows everything about you all, He cares about you so much, He sees everything”. The girls were riveted, so I continued, “Jesus is God who came to the earth and He put on human skin, in a human body and He walked around like you and me, He was perfect He never did anything wrong, He did many healings and miracles and then He was beaten, and He died on a cross so that you and I could be forgiven for all the things we have done wrong, then after He died, the most important thing of all happened. Do you know what that is?” I asked them. They sat in silence waiting for my answer they were hanging on every word, “He resurrected from the dead, and did you know that people all over the world are coming to Jesus, you can watch their testimonies on Youtube.” As I shared this I knew it was specifically inspired by God, then the eldest one piped up, “I know I have seen on Youtube Jesus raised a boy from the dead, she told me to watch it,” and she looked at one of the other girls who was a little younger than her and she recounted the powerful testimony of the boy’s resurrection. This amazed me, I could see that Jesus had already been at work in their hearts and they were already on their journey toward knowing Him. After that I talked to them some more about Jesus as my friends patiently listened on and I asked them, “Do you need healing for anything in your bodies, if you do I can pray, Jesus loves to heal people, even if you need healing in your emotions He can heal them too?” I could see that this struck a deep chord with the older one and she became apprehensive maybe not wanting to expose the pain in her heart. She declined and as she did the other girls followed suite. Knowing that she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, I changed the subject to lighter things. We then went on to introduce ourselves realising that we didn’t even know their names, then I asked them, “Are you on your own here?” They seemed too young to be on their own.  “No” they replied, “our parents are up around over there,” they pointed behind a restaurant building. Then just before we were about to go, I asked the girls, “before I go would you like me to pray that Jesus will give you a dream in the night?” Instantly they all responded with great excitement and enthusiasm with a resounding, “Yes”. So I asked can I put my hand on your head, with eager little faces they said a resounding, “Yes”. So I prayed, placing my hand on each one of their heads and praying one at a time, “Jesus because you love her, I pray that you give her a dream in the night”. Then I prayed again over each girl, “Give her an incredible future for her life”. I could see that they all fully received the prayer.

We then chatted a bit more and my friends chatted to them, I could see that they really didn’t want us to leave, I think they may have liked to see us again but they were too young to stay in touch with us, so we said our goodbyes and hoped that we might see them again at the boat harbour in the future. I walked off totally amazed at God and what had just taken place.  Then we went on enjoying the rest of our night with a very yummy gourmet pizza for dinner and a delicious chocolate dessert.

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 2 Corinthians 2:14 But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing. 


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