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The Trinity Description:

This painting portrays the moment After Jesus’ baptism at the Jordan River, as He came up out of the water, the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him. And a voice from heaven – Father God said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy. Matthew 3:16-17. Often the term ‘trinity’ is used to describe God as a Triune God, is has been quite a mystery and stumped many people,  the bible explains there is only one God, but 3 persons

– Father God = Creator of all, Judge, the one who lavishes love on us and so much more .

– The Son = Jesus Christ, God who put on skin and came to the earth to save all of humanity from eternal death and separation, He paid for all of our wrongs and is the door way to a relationship with God the Father.

– The Holy Spirit = Moves like the wind, you cant see Him but you can see the effects, he is the helper, counsellor, comforter and more.

The act of water baptism is dying, going into the grave, off with the old life and resurrecting up with the new beautiful life. God affirms His son, He affirms His identity, who He actually is, my beloved Son – God speaks from heaven – your My dear Son, you bring me great joy. Who is the father God? He is the great affirmer – He gives us the affirmation that we so desperately need. God’s desire is to affirm to every person on the planet, His children that He loves you, you’re His beloved and you bring Him great joy.

Voted 3rd highest for peoples favourite award 2018 Discovering Easter Exhibition.

POEM – Landing Place 

In the midst of the night when life doesn’t seem right, things out of place my heart gives way to sight. What’s going on around, what disturbs me and niggles away at my light. There’s unrest in my heart, like a deer in the night I flinch at anything and I’m always ready to fight – I calm myself quite often I do. I dream of a getaway simply for two and days of laze and comfort all around is the thing that soothes me but can never be found. I dream of blessing, the richest abode, with garments of silk, where I won’t hardly be known. Places of escape, these are the places where I hide when I’m feeling lost and searching desperately on the inside. It’s a place of delight in the moments of life, when the issues seem way too big.

But when my heart cries out for more, surely there is a true hideaway, a place where I can soar, a place where peace dwells and I can find satisfaction from the Lord. I want to be found by my Maker the one who puts things right, found by my first love the one who is my pure delight.  Found in His arms, a place I long to go. A place close with Him when I’m feeling very low. He’s the love of my life and He simply cares how I am feeling, when no one else is aware or they don’t know how to deal with me. He is tenderly drawing me in, but I have to take the first step, to this place of solitude where I can find the perfect rest. He will light the way as I read His words all alone, I will find Him in His sanctuary where He sits on His throne, ruling over all I have and all that is mine. He delights in every simple glance that I make towards His gracious throne. He offers peace to the multitude, to the thousands who will wait and who are willing to forget about being late, late for all the self-appointments, the places we must be. The busy rush of life itself keeps us busy like a bee, buzzing from this place to that, always in a dash. But never quite finding what we need and hardly ever having enough cash.

The Spirit hovers like a dove looking for a place to land, a place to rest for the night, but all to often I toss and turn and I worry myself into a fright. But the dove is hovering over longing to land, to bring peace to my heart which only I can understand. He longs with a yearning to simply put things right, to develop a sanctuary, one without all the hype. The Holy Spirit longs to be found in my heart, to bring comfort to my soul, to speak words of revelation when I can’t find a place to go. He longs to minister to my mind, and bring relief from the very start, so I won’t get myself in a tizz and fully stirred up.

The dove it landed on Jesus and it kept Him at bay when he duelled with the devil for a gruelling 40 days. He answered Him so peacefully from the place of deepest rest, He could see the temptations coming when the devil tried his best. The greatest place of warfare is the land of the unknown when I walk in the desert and I am feeling all alone. But just like Jesus I will try my best to be at peace so that the gentle dove might rest, rest in my heart, rest in my mind, rest in the physical even when life is very unkind. I’ve made a decision this is the place where I will go, when I am feeling under pressure, stressed out and very low. I will allow the gentle dove to land, the Holy Spirit is His name and He will call me forth to a place where I can always victoriously reign.