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His Lily – poem written by Charmaine 

A pink lily as pretty as can be, petals so soft a heart always reaching out with glee.

Such a beautiful sight, emulating light with a fragrance so sweet, an aroma so alluring many will come into My kingdom one by one. With a heart of gold they will be undoubtedly sold, surely he is really alive, a God incarnate has come to earth, He has made a way for a brand new birth. A delightful sight, you will surely write my love story on the hearts of many. One day you will stand with nothing in hand, the world has all but passed away. Your life stripped bare, but you won’t care, immersed in my glory forever.

Tears of delight will drip down in light of all of the precious ones, when you extended your hand, with a caring heart and you shared my beautiful love story. Many will thank you for the royal seat they now have, given eternal life forever. They will erupt, a cheering crowd as you stand before my throne of grace, fleeting years lived on the earth, your life but a sweet memory now. The only treasure you’ll hold so dear are the ones that stand before you, my dear sweet children now.

So never underestimate your beauty, the treasure that resides, all my glorious presence is definitely on the inside. Wisdom in abundance, miracles at hand, here I am waiting to move mightily in your land. So rest my love in what I have given you. Stand tall in what you know. My beautiful pink lily on display for all, to the sow seed of my eternal love with a heart passionately aglow.

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