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I was driving home from work and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older man who looked like he was having trouble walking. He looked like he was exercising, he was wearing his gym gear and walking quite fast with a big limp. The Holy Spirit spoke into my heart, “he is lost will you go?” I knew it was God speaking to me without a doubt,  as I drove, immediately on the left  of the road there was a driveway, if I had have been quick to do the will of God, I would have been able to easily park, pop out of my car and he would have been right there. But no I procrastinated, to my own frustration, I was stuck in traffic, I couldn’t turn around, as it was peak hour and the curbs were very high on each side of the road, so I couldn’t pull over and wait for him to come up the road toward me. My only option was to turn right at the lights and attempt to turn around, the road was so busy, and the lights took forever, in the meantime there was a war going on in my mind, this is too hard, shall I just not worry about it verses I want to be obedient to God’s voice no matter what.

As I continued to wait, I then  thought I heard God saying, “It was a window of time you have missed the opportunity,” in my mind I thought perhaps the man had jumped into his car and had driven off and I was thinking through all these senarios. So I was prepared to let it go, and I eventually went through the traffic lights and turned around and then I got the red lights again on the way back through. By this stage I was planning on driving straight home, I had missed the opportunity, it wasn’t the first time and sadly I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. Then as if you could have blown me down with a feather, I saw the man walking down the road, gee did this surprise me, immediately I was praying, “Ok Lord here we go, please help me to find a place to park on the side of the road”. As I drove, it went through my mind, gee the devil mustn’t want me to talk to this guy, it was obviously him trying to make me think I had lost the opportunity. I drove up and the only available place to park was the bus stop, “I’m not breaking the law, Lord,” I said, and so I continued to drive, this street had an island in the middle of it and it was dual lanes, but there was nowhere to pull over and the curbs were still too high, so I continued to drive and drive, “Where do I park Lord I asked him?” I then turned left down a street, so that I could turn around, a car was right behind me, so I couldn’t just do a u turn, I then turned into another street to try to turn around, then the car followed me and I thought, is this car following me? I then decided I would turn into a driveway and I did, the car went by, oh Charmaine, I thought to myself of course the car isn’t following you, now that is ridiculous thinking I told myself, it seems amazing what goes through my mind when I’m in the middle of trying to obey God. I drove back onto the main road and turned down the opposite side of the road. To my surprise the man was still walking along the street, I turned into a chemist and I looked over and there was the man just across the road, he looked at me as if he knew that I was going to talk to him, maybe that was my imagination again, who knows? I thought.  I then grabbed my mobile phone and a steps to peace brochure and jumped out of the car, he looked again right at me from across the road, perhaps the Lord was preparing him as I was going to speak to him, I pondered. Then he turned down the alley, oh no, I hope this alley is safe I thought, he is a pretty big guy, oh I need to be careful, I thought. By the time that I had a clear way to cross the road, he had walked about 30 meters up the alley, and I called out to him and he stopped immediately. I then thought, “Oh no I hope he doesn’t think that I like him or want to pick him up or something, doubts continued to barrage my mind.  I said to him with a friendly smile, “I saw you when you were walking, and I believe in God and he told me to come and talk to you, Jesus Christ loves you so much, he really cares about you,” I could sense a real depth of Christ’s love when I shared that Jesus loved him, this bought me peace knowing that Jesus was with me and he obviously knew the drama I had just gone through to chat to this guy. Then I said, “Do you believe in Jesus?” He looked at me and in a strong accent he said, “No I don’t believe in Him, thank you very much anyway,” I could see that he was really not interested, but I felt that there was more, he was obviously from the Eastern Europe.  So I questioned, “So what do you believe in?” He said, “I go to the church and he pointed his finger in a certain direction,” What Church do you go to?” I enquired?”. He responded, “I go to the Greek Orthodox Church”. I looked at him warmly and said, “We believe in the same, do you believe in Jesus” He shook his head to say no. “The holy bible,” I said, “we both believe in the Holy bible?” I said, trying to find something in common. He said, “No” I wanted to make it clear to him that he needed to know Jesus, especially since he went to a church that was totally based on Jesus and didn’t believe in him. So I said, “You need to have Jesus in your heart to go to heaven,”  and I pointed  to  my  heart I was   so   concerned that he might not understand me. He was very clear that he didn’t believe in Jesus, I could see that he was quite hard hearted about the matter. I then offered him a steps to peace brochure as I thought that perhaps he might see the pictures, but he wasn’t interested, so I gave him a smile shook his hand and said, “goodbye”. As I walked off a little bit disheartened about this man that goes to church but had missed the entire purpose and reason for going to church, which is Jesus. I then looked up to God  and asked, “So what was that about, Dad?” God clearly spoke to me about the scripture, Matthew 7:21-23 (NLT) “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I then prayed for this man, for his salvation and for God to soften his heart. And I spoke to God, “You are obviously knocking on his door, Lord”. I thought, oh well he would definitely have something to think and ponder about after our conversation.

2 Corinthians 2:14

 Now he (Jesus) uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.