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Poem written by Charmaine Taylor

He was beaten, mocked & whipped with flesh ripping tips. Thorns embedded, blood from his brow it dripped. Hung on a cross with barely anything adorned, humiliated for all to see.  Sown into the ground, hidden in a cave, nothing left but dead flesh, they thought he was defeated. 3 nights entombed, who could imagine His ruin? Angels sent, messengers from heaven, where is his body now? HE’S RISEN. No longer dead, flesh come to life, mortality defeated. The freedom ticket given for all humanity who believe, a life to die buried with Christ that sin would lose it’s power. A floral array, new life living in Him, freedom of the soul, shame and guilt no more, true connection with God- RESSURECTION

Feel free to share my poem, although please acknowledge Charmaine Taylor