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When the Israelites finally left the 40 years of living in the desert, they miraculously crossed the Jordan river into the promised land. God instructed the priests to take the Ark – a symbol of God’s presence – and step into the river. When they did the flow of the river stopped upstream and it stood up like a wall, and the Israelites were able to walk across on dry ground – a miracle. Once they crossed, God instructed a person from every tribe to go back into the middle of the river and pick up a stone. They then built a memorial from the stones to remind them and all the generations to come of God’s incredible miracle. Based on this account I have written testimonies of God’s miracle works that I have witnessed in my life and others.

My heart’s desire is to “recount the righteous victories of the Lord” (Judges 5:11). I pray that Jesus Christ will be lifted up high for how wonderful He truly is, and the miracles He still does today in ordinary peoples’ lives. Please read: