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In His Hand – A poem by Charmaine

When all seems blue, in what you’re going through, endless doctor’s appointments, the same old routine, allow yourself to dream, your life being incredibly light and not a care in sight. The view of deep blue ocean before your eyes, sit back in your beach chair, feel the sand under your feet, sip a cocktail and delight in the tropical heat. A light breeze blowing the wind through your hair, a smile on your face and you don’t carry a care.

A heavenly place, you’re in the father’s hand; you realise, ‘a life so easy, now I fully understand’. Its not really about what you are going through in life, it’s about where you set your sight. Your imagination is a gift from God transporting you to places that you’ve never heard of. As you rest in His hand, you’ll find a heavenly sight, a place unknown to you on earth but one you will surely delight. A sanctuary of peace, a slice of heaven, resting in the Father’s hand is surely something worth getting. But to enter through this gate you can not strive just simply wait and rest in His hand and He will not hide, the truth from you, reality in its fullness, the perfection of His word in all His goodness. The price has been paid, the ransom won, Jesus has triumphed in victory and it can never be undone.

You have a permanent standing, this place is yours. Forever you are victorious, now simply you can soar. Soar on the wings of eagles, allow His breath to take you there. A special hide away, a place without despair, where there is no weariness and He so deeply cares. This has been prepared beforehand by the one who is undeniably there, His love so deep, His heart so kind, He longs for you to experience more of the divine. So step in don’t be afraid, simply let go and you will be amazed.

Please feel free to share this poe m however can I ask that you acknowledge Charmaine Taylor