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I was on the end of a wonderful time of praying to Jesus, work had ended for the day and I had been waiting on God and I felt him speaking to my heart about plans for the future and then, a picture of the park that was around the corner from my work was impressed upon me and I felt God say, “will you go and speak to a group of young teenagers?” On was living less for me and more for God at that moment and so I had my brave on and my response was, “sure God”, the love I had received from the Lord over rode every single fear, so with deep trust that my loving God would keep me safe and with an air of excitement, I grabbed my gear and locked up my workplace and I was off driving in my car. I had arrived at the park within minutes, I parked across the road to face the oval. I knew it was a football oval so I thought that I will probably be talking to a team. I said to the Lord, “I can’t see a group of  people anywhere”.  I was trying to figure out how this scenario was going to play out, perhaps a bus will roll up and I imagined myself going up to the bus and I felt the Lord whisper, “Just rest and wait,” and he reminded me of a time before when I waited and waited with a box of food and then God came through and used me to share His love with a family. So, I just let it all go and rested and prayed a bit and just trusted my loving father to lead me, to be honest I was in a frame of mind that I didn’t care what others said or thought, as long as I obeyed my Father God. So, I waited, then I started to see young teenage boys being dropped off by their parents, and I thought oh, ok something is happening, as I viewed the scenario before me. The Holy spirit revealed to me that I would be able to ask the coach if I can pray for their team to win an upcoming game,” In my mind I thought perhaps a grand final or something is coming up and they really need it, I had no idea of the time in the season I knew nothing about football. I then received a clear thought that I will just pray and then walk off and that would be it. Then I saw two young men running across the oval as if being called in by someone, I couldn’t fully see because there was a building in between us, God prompted me, “Go now”. So out the car I popped, I left my hand bag behind and just put my mobile in my pocket just in case I needed it and then I walked in faith across the road. There is just something so exhilarating about stepping out into the unknown with just me and my God, it was exciting, I knew miracles were about to happen.

I crossed the road and walked with purpose under some large trees bordering the park and I passed the building and then I had full view of the park, sure enough I could see a football team training. As I walked across the field I accessed the situation, I was looking for the coach, I thought the guy with the black hoodie on looks like the coach, he looks older from behind. So I walked up, as I did he turned around as to say, “mmm who are you?” I asked, “Do you guys have a game coming up?” he said, “I don’t know ask the coach and he pointed to the guy wearing a grey hoodie, he was passing the ball to a boy and giving him instruction. I walked straight up to him with confidence and asked, “Do you have a game coming up soon”. “Yes” he responded, “We have a game coming up this weekend”. I then declared, “I’m a Christian, would you like me to pray for your team to win this weekend, ill pray to Jesus and you’ll win”. The look on his face was priceless, he was full of excitement and enthusiasm, “Yeah, why not”, he said with a big smile, as he started to gig around in excitement like a little kid,  the words then just fell out of my mouth, “Well you better, call your team in,” I said with the same boldness that surprised me. He looked at me and then shouted out to his team, “Oi, come in boys, come in”. Immediately all the boys moved in and made a circle, the coach asked me as he was gigging around in absolute excitement, I had a feeling that he felt he had just found his secret weapon for winning the game, “What is your name?” he kindly asked,  “Charmaine” I responded, “Listen up to Charmaine”. I then gathered my courage relying on God and  looked the boys in the eyes and said, “I believe in Jesus and  I know he can help you win the game, I’m a Christian and I know that if I pray, he will cause you to win the game that you have coming up ,” Then I challenged them, “He will empower your bodies to win, if you open your hearts as I pray I know that Jesus will empower you.” I then closed my eyes and prayed, “Jesus, I pray that you will help every one of these guys win their game, empower their bodies and help them to win the game, come by your spirit now and help them. Amen.” I then opened my eyes and said, “Thanks guys, see ya” and I looked at the coach who was still physically gigging around in excitement, he gave me another wild eyed excited look and said “yeah” and I was off walking across the field adrenaline pumping, now that was living, I walked away, astounded that God had pulled that one off for me and I couldn’t get over just how truly excited the coach was. I felt there may have been some mocking Jesus, or who didn’t believe that he could do it, although I didn’t hear it, it was probably a figment of my imagination but I prayed a quiet prayer under my breathe as I walked back to the car, “Oh Lord, let them mock, let them mock and may you blow them all away, let them thrash the team that they play against and glorify your name Jesus”. And I just knew that they were going to win, God wouldn’t have sent me there otherwise”. And I got in my car and drove home in awe of my God.

…..I don’t believe that this is the end to this story, I have prayed and I believe that God will at some stage let me know exactly what happened with the team and the game, I look forward to seeing what unfolded, so stay tuned.

2 Corinthians 2:14

 But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God. But this fragrance is perceived differently by those who are being saved and by those who are perishing.