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Flying Free Description:

I painted this for my sister Tracy, Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door” John 10:7. In this painting He is the way out of the dark cage, the only way out of the darkness that many of us feel in our souls. He is the permanent way out of depression, guilt, loneliness, emptiness, sickness and torment of the mind. The bird is us flying free and behind the bird is a trail of flowers which are symbolic for the restoration that happens as we follow Jesus Christ step by step in our lives and the gold the glorious presence of God that never leaves us once we surrender our lives to Jesus. A picture of freedom, liberty and eternal life. 

Voted 2nd highest peoples vote 2018 Discovering Easter Exhibition

POEM – Flying Free 

In a cage forever surrounded by darkness and despair, my mind a cave without any air, hopelessness fills me, there is no way out, this cage has me trapped, confined, of that I have no doubt. But which way to go, this world offers many paths but all too quickly they turn to cages, even if momentarily they feel like a fresh new start.  A bird born to fly but I feel confined in this cage destined to die.

Depression surrounds me, darkness so thick, its heaviness cloaks me, making me feel so sick. But all too often I sit on my perch, a smile disguising the depths of my constant hurt. Who will help me? Where can I go? Life is mundane, that I already know. But what if there is a key to this cage and the door is already open, all along the true hope of life has been portrayed as twisted and broken. What if escape is before me, a way out from the dark, no more guilt and shame, there is truly a brand-new start; one of flying free, leaving the cage behind, restoration and flowers, a life of a brand-new kind. The signs have been there all along, can’t I see? His spirit has been drawing me, now here is the key – Jesus is the doorway to get me out of the dark, to break the chains that bind me and give me a life of hope and a purposeful heart.  I was one who had only ever flapped my wings, after believing in Jesus now I have taken flight and I can truly sing. Sing of all that he has done, the darkness has left my eyes, now I can see life from a very different side, the prison bars no more, instead of the stench of death, I’m beginning to soar. I’ve finally escaped from the dungeon within, the gloom that I once wore seems to be stripped away and now I’m living free and rising above it all. Freedom on the inside, I know that when I die, my soul is secured in eternity and I no longer believe the lies. The lies that there is nothing when I leave this earth, there is nothing but a void, now my heart sings with certainty, I’m destined for heaven and I’m forever overjoyed.

Sometimes I look around in the world at all the uncertainty, my heart becomes overwhelmed at the desolation that seems like a never-ending story. It’s like the cage bars start wrapping around and the darkness is wooing me in, trying to tell me I haven’t been truly set free from the darkness that was once within. But in those moments that come to haunt me and remind me of the past, I look up to my rescuer Jesus and I remember all that he has done. He was God who came to earth in the form of a baby boy, he lived and walked among us, so that he could understand our every darkest ploy. But all this was not enough he came to die on our behalf, he took the greatest beating and he was whipped fiercely as they laughed. He hung on a cross like a cursed man, but he was born to die for us, so that we could live for eternity and always be held in God’s love. Death he truly defeated after being dead in the grave, his body 3 days rotting he suddenly rose back to life again. The only true God who conquered death and sin so that I can fly, he opened up the cage door, so I can have life and never truly die.