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I had just started helping out at my church youth group, I really enjoyed spending time with the teenagers that were in the group. One particular night we were playing a game of trust, where a teenager, had to fall backwards and two leaders would have to catch them, the idea was that they would need to let themselves fall back and trust that the two leaders would catch them.

Myself and another leader held hands as kids fell back into our arms, the kids seemed to really enjoy the risk of falling backwards, we were nearly at the end of our group, however the last girl was bigger than the rest of the others, and I could see that she probably put herself deliberately last because she was embarrassed I wearily looked at the other leader as the young girl turned around ready to fall, I was truly concerned that we wouldn’t be able to catch her.

At that moment we had a couple of options, we could have asked her to go to another group and have the male leaders catch her, but I knew that this wasn’t possible, as this would have completely humiliated her in front of her friends. So we bit the bullet and decided to both try to catch her, somehow. The other leader panicked and suggested just as the girl was readying herself for her fall, lets cross over hands, I’m guessing that she thought it would strengthen our arms, but in hindsight this was the worst possible thing to do. We crossed arms and then held on tightly to each others hands as the girl fell, we were both only just able to hold her as she plummeted and her heavy weight falling on our arms at a awkward angle caused a very large jolt in our shoulders.

We were both very relieved that we didn’t cause the young girl any embarrassment, but after catching her I had an excruciating neck ache. Over the next couple of days the pain went from my neck to my left shoulder, and it grew increasingly painful. Not connecting it with catching the girl, I was wondering what had I done for my shoulder to be feeling so excruciating. On the third morning after the youth night I woke up and my shoulder wasn’t any better, there was a dull ache that was causing me a lot of grief, as I laid in bed pondering the pain, it suddenly dawned on me that I may have dislocated my shoulder. After this little epiphany,  I got out of bed and looked at my shoulder in the mirror and too my horror my left shoulder was unhinged and hanging right down, especially when comparing it to my  intact right shoulder. My mind raced, I am going to have to go to a doctor to have it put back into place and I really don’t have the time. But my first option was to pray, so I went out into the kitchen and showed my mum my shoulder and she noticed it immediately and I asked her to pray for me that Jesus Christ would heal my shoulder, as my mother prayed, I agreed with her. Nothing really happened at that moment, so I went back into my room pondering, it’s a super busy week,  I have so much on and I really don’t have the time to  go to the doctors and get my shoulder sorted. I was feeling quite tired as the pain had been increasingly persisting for 3 days and it had worn me down a fair bit. So, I went into my bedroom and I knelt on both knees beside my bed and I put my right hand on my left shoulder and I shared my exasperation with Jesus, “Oh Lord, my shoulder is really hurting”, I complained,  “and I have so much to do this week, Jesus, please bring someone in to my path to put my shoulder back into place”. Instantly at the same moment that I made my request to God, I heard about 8 cracking sounds all at the same time, it was a supernatural sound, something I had never heard before and my shoulder lifted up under my right hand into to its correct position, I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I jumped up and ran to the mirror, my left shoulder was perfectly straight, to match my right one. I screamed with a thrill of excitement, awe, surprise, that God just answered my prayer in a miraculous was, I then ran into show my mum, who was overwhelmed. Since this happened in 1997, I haven’t had a single issue with my shoulder, it has been in perfect alignment and continues the same today. I have recounted this miraculous healing account to hundreds of people and it never ceases to amaze me, the pure love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ, that he would care about me and the pain I was in and do something about it.