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Heaven’s  View – The ultimate rescue plan for all humanity from Father God’s perspective

by Charmaine Taylor

 A sight from heaven as I watched on, My eyes plummeted to the earth in an ocean of anguish, as I gazed upon My Son. My kindred so close, My heart upon the earth laid bare, ripped to shreds, the ultimate blood sacrifice. He hung on the cross for eternal peace and freedom for all my finest creation on the earth – people, young and old, of every nation, of every generation who would ever exist. Was it hard to bear? Beyond My comprehension, I knew it, I planned it, but it was close, so close to home, He is a part of Me. His body gasping for breath, His ribs stripped where there was once flesh. Nails pierced at 3 points, so harsh, too harsh. He was excruciation itself as He put weight upon the nail driven through His butchered feet, another gasp for air, another exhale, how many more, I’m counting, Jesus Christ my Son, oh I’m counting.

The ultimate plan of love in action for all of My children, made in My image, clay vessels, broken fractured ones, marred with sin and the agonies of life.  From birth they enter into chaos, to an imperfect world, not the one I planned but the one they chose. Actually Adam, My first love, My firstborn, hewn out of the earth by My own hands, a lifeless prize, but then how could I not give him the ultimate of gifts. I breathed life, life into his soul and we were one, nothing to separate us, nothing to cause distance, he was clothed in My presence, man—the essence of My beauty, strength and courage. Like a beautiful song he named all the creatures I put before him, they were friends, but would he find a match? No. But what companion would I give him? I knew I’d create the ultimate surprise, in sleep, a perfectly executed divide of flesh I took from his side. She was to be elegance at its finest, honor and purity bestowed, what would he call her? Woman, his delightful helper. In all perfection the two became one, just as intended. Given the most beautiful garden, food in abundance, nothing in want, just one instruction to keep them safe, “Don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, if you do you will surely die”. But the temptation was too much, the shrewd serpent entered the scene with his deception and surely as noon was day they swallowed the deadly pill – forbidden fruit. At that moment My heart plunged toward earth, my children what have they done, connection broken between God and man, rebellion is at hand, the sweetness once shared is shattered, it was their choice and they chose death. Their days on earth now numbered, all creation paid the price, their ancestors, every living creature, even the earth, the seasons, winds, rain they all fell under a deadly curse and everything changed.

With tears in My eyes, what was I to do, should I have created robots to love Me, heartless creatures to adore Me, after all I’m the Creator of the heavens and the earth. But I long for one thing, a love of hearts in innocence, My children to freely love their heavenly Papa without persuasive pressure, without force, love freely given to Me, a life of sacrifice laid out for all to see.

Was I to leave my firstborns without any remedy? Of course not, blood must be shed to cover their rebellious hearts, so all too quickly I came to a decision. I would sacrifice an animal, its blood to cover their wrong and they would wear it’s skin to cover their nakedness. Once they were clothed in Me, but now they are laid bare. Their minds are morphed; true purity is no more, perfection in relationship Adam and Eve are now in a painful tug of war between man and woman, always wanting – always at odds.

Generations moved on, the centuries rolled by, there was increase in the earth, humanity subduing the world, instructions were given, commandments, the top 10, animals blood would be the only way into My presence, to cover all the wrongs, the constant shedding of blood was the only way.  My heart for My people, when I look at them I see My reflection, every different personality, no finger print the same, no face identical, no matching frame, many races, beautiful colours an array of My creative moulds, not one alike. My sacred loves, every person so significant, My priceless treasure, under My watchful eye.

The conversation had already taken place in heaven, before the forming of the earth – humanity’s home, a play pen for my children to roam. We spoke at length, for a multitude of time, the Holy council, God the Father, Holy Spirit and Son. We knew they would roam away from us, sin bringing the great divide. The remedy was clear, death was the requirement, animals blood to pave the way, but to bring a true and final sacrifice once and for all, a decision was made. Not one made lightly, but one made in truth and based on pure love, the verdict was the Father God would send his Son, a part of Himself, to be born, to live, breathe and walk on the earth. God to put on skin and enter the imperfect world! A costly sacrifice for the Son, to leave His throne and crown and the worship of millions of angels who knew His true identity. But a price He was willing to pay to bring all those who longed to accept the invitation of restoration, a reconnect of relationship between God and His children, a new birth of life, one that would be for eternity.

So as my Son, Jesus the Christ hung on that rugged cross, the thorns sat on His head like torturous spikes embedded into His skull, to pay the price for every tormenting thought, depression so deep, evil cycles that keep us in bondage, driving us to weep. Jesus He wore that crown for one reason, to bring us peace. Whips lashing His body in every part paying the price for our every disease, sickness, deformity and imperfection, so that we could walk free. Healing is what He did, demonstrated in Israel for all to see.

The sound is resonating through the earth in this day, He is healing many throughout this world

without delay. The testimonies are ringing out, ‘Jesus healed me of that I have no doubt’.

A spear shoved through the side of His chest to penetrate His heart, to confirm His certain death, blood and water separate, a sure sign is that of a ruptured heart of the one and only true Divine. God himself hung on the cross, Jesus Christ is His name, a perfect man, a perfect God walked the earth without a single sin or any shame, He walked in perfection to complete everything. He died for all mankind with a broken heart so that He can restore every shattered dream and give everyone a brand new start. The price has been paid, My son has been sent to complete the work of restoration for humanity to be back in the garden walking with God like they had never left. But this time its different, its better than before, because He sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of every person who truly calls on Him, to fill their empty hole and fully restore. So call on His name, the name of Jesus Christ, the one true Savior to take your blame and follow Him for all your days into eternity, where you will be with Him forever and a day. So when you remember My Son think of My deepest love for you, the ultimate sacrificial pain and know that you are surely precious, more precious to Me than anything I can ever gain.

Feel free to copy and use this narrative, however please make sure that Charmaine Taylor at www.charmaines-world.com is acknowledged.